False Labor

by Mithrandir

You’re only given a little spark of madness.
You mustn’t lose it. 

Robin Williams

To whom it may concern

I was hacking on some projects when I found about it. A tragic, sad piece of news: Andre Hedrick died today. Reading the LWN article, I realized a few things, which are summarized in the article.

Before I begin, I must announce that some of the ideas from the following parts are influenced by my life experiences. They may seem a little offensive in some parts of the world. I am sorry that I have used this loss to gather the strength needed to write this post but it was needed.

If you have read this blog for a while then you know that I don’t usually post YouTube videos. Unless the article is written in troubled times and the video is very related to the post. Now, however, I will post three videos, in different parts of the article. Please listen to them while reading or after this. The first one is this:

Getting back ontopic, while reading the LWN article I found an intriguing fact: it seems that his dedication towards his job was his undoing. Just like John Nash, the real one or the one from the «A Beautiful Mind», constant dedication to work attacks the brain, destroying its sanity.

I don’t know what exactly drove Andre into this. I don’t know this for Nash or many others in this situation. But I know other similar cases of close friends and known relatives which were almost close to getting into a week-full 24/24 marathon of working for some project. Almost all of them reached this unfortunate situation after an unexpected change in the life.

Remembering the other popular quote of Robin Williams (the one with the insufficient blood for two body parts) and stating that nearly all those people were geeks the changing situation presents itself entirely.

It is due to this that they turned into modern versions of Pygmalion, trying to build a self-sufficient world for themselves. Seeing that this ideal is always a few work-days ahead but never reaching it due to exaggeration, conspiracy theories or other problems, they have a fate like that of Tantalus: a neverending solitary quest for something which cannot be achieved by a single man. This is not real work. Even though it gives results, quite remarkable and magnificent ones. It is only a chasing of an impossible to catch dream.

The loop has an exit though. For the lucky few, there is someone who supports them overcome their problems. John Nash from the «A Beautiful Mind» movie is an example: what would he be without Alicia? There are other examples as well in literature, movies and other arts but let’s not go there.

For others, the only end is receiving the Gift. To them, this is the exact road to awe (second YouTube link), the peak of their career, the apotheosis. Some force this reception upon themselves, other are expecting it as the only way towards salvation and a few are too busy working to notice this escape.

This is not a solution. Those in these situations should be helped to leave them And people should know about this trap to prevent their entering into it. A geek should know that if there is not enough blood he can multitask it, thus being able to enjoy both sides of life (last YouTube link).

Remember, there is always Autumn after Summer. 500 days, 764 days, 3 days, a week after a fortnight pause after 100 days. Doesn’t really matter. There are two sides in life and it is the duty of everyone to balance them, to dance according to the music.

I know that this is a lesson hard to learn. When angry or depressed you don’t reason too well. History and help showed that anger and blame shifting is not the good road. Accept who you are and what happened and go forward. Don’t lock help away, use it to escape the trap. You may not see it now, unfortunately you’ll see it when it is too late if there’s no one insistent enough to help you, even after you’ve shunned him/her.

Enjoy life. No, don’t blindly follow the «Carpe diem» saying. You have a brain and you can use it to balance your life.

That’s all for today. I promise that more cheerful articles will follow soon, you know me as the optimist type :)

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